To assist 24 Thai orphans, the humanitarian organization TYIN Tegnestue 6 built bamboo houses near the Burmese border. A simple and elegant architecture, inspired by vernacular forms and local expertise.

In the village of Noh Bo, this humanitarian organization specializing in architectural and shares offered to children in need living spaces for learning, sleep and play.

Make of bamboo from the region, braided in a local know-how, these six sustainable and prefabricated huts are called "Soe Ker Tie" or "butterflies huts" because of the winged shape of their roofs.

This original shape also helps to promote natural ventilation while sheltering rainwater and facilitating its collection. To prevent rotting due to humidity, each cabin is finally placed above the ground, on foundations cast in recycled tires.

Photo credits: Pasi Aalto

Source: Inhabitat

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