Interior design project for artists' studios, "Selective Insulation" testifies to an original reflection on thermal insulation and shows us how this can influence the spatiality and uses of a building.


Berlin architects Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis have recently been given the realization of artists' studios in the Old School House in Hexham, United Kingdom, a talent incubator housed in a building built in 1849.


Offering large interior volumes and suffering from isolation summary, the building requires heating sustained during the winter months to stay comfortably usable. The question of its thermal insulation appears as a central point of the project.


In response, designers propose to create workspaces isolated in the original space, small volumes of graft 4m² to existing windows and consist of a double skin insulating plastic film structure bullata, door and 'a desk.


"Selective Insulation" therefore appears as an original and reasoned intervention, a remarkable economy of means making it possible to make the space usable and comfortable by reducing the heating requirements and by sculpting the space. 









To learn more about this project and other implementation of Rafailidis Davidson, visit the agency website.


Photo credits: Steve Mayes Photography


Source: dezeen

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