Renovated by Swedish architects Tham and Videgard Hansson, this Stockholm apartment features a surprising multicolored parquet floor. A work full of nuances that transforms the plan and the initial space.

For this renovation of an apartment located in a listed building in the "Art Nouveau" style, the architects paid particular attention to the treatment of the floor by using wide 20 x 60 cm parquet strips laid with broken sticks.

This multicolored parquet covers the ground and colonizes the lower walls, linking the pieces together, redefining their boundaries in a continuum amazing tangy, transforming the pattern and color to the original plan.

The architects drew their inspiration from the direct environment of the project. The renovated apartment indeed overlooks Humlegarden Park, whose trees change color with the seasons, from light green to dark green then to orange, red and yellow in autumn.

Photo credits: Ake E: son Lindman

For more information on the work of Videgård Tham and Hansson, see their website.

Source: Yatzer

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