As part of Scottish Design Awards 2009 five Architectural agencies were invited to reflect on contemporary housing in a light and offbeat manner. Fruit of their work, five conceptual brick models of Lego.

In an unusual form, the agencies Aedas, Gareth Hoskins Architects, GM + AD, Michael Gilmour Associates and RMJM, exposing their personal visions.

Above, freely inspired by the work of Mondrian, it is the very modernist proposal of the agency GM + AD.

Above, the house model made by the architecture firm Aedas.

Above, the proposed agency RMJM.

To discover all the proposals and vote for your favorite project is right here. Note that these achievements will be sold for the benefit of the National Autistic Society.

To learn more about Lego architectures, you can also see our recent article "Le Corbusier in Lego".

sources: ThedrumInside Out

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