Despite changing attitudes, the car and the bike are still central objects of our urban lives. To finish with parking problems, scratches or malicious theft, some even drag them into the heart of their apartments.


Park his car on his landing ...

In New York, the real estate transaction 200 Eleventh Avenue surprises with its "En-Suite Sky Garage". In this building currently under construction in Chelsea, each apartment is serviced by a car lift that brings you to your front door. For more information on these apartments and to watch a video presentation, visit 200 Eleventh Avenue.

Source: Core 77


His car on the terrace ...

In the same spirit, the German firm Carloft offers loft-style apartments with garden and parking space on each level. When arriving at the bottom of the building, the user enters with his car in an elevator provided for this purpose to exit on the terrace of his apartment. Carloft is currently developing this type of project in cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. For more information, visit Carloft.

Source: Freshome


Making its drain outside his door ...

At the entrance of the Tokyo apartment, a place sheltered parking. On the ground, a removable plate hiding a few steps and a hollow space. A tip for accessing the under his car and tinker like a pro, just ahead of home.

Source: What we do is secret


Park his motorcycle in his bathroom ...

In Japan too, where grow the "Biker's Apartments", these units on the ground floor offering a space inside the garage of a motorcycle. Thus, in this housing, a simple glass wall separates the craft bathroom.

Source: What we do is secret


His motorcycle in his living room ...

In Japan, just as surprising, this building offers apartments with elevators to mount his two-wheel in the very heart of his home. 

Source: What we do is secret

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