Designed to meet the extravagant demands of the rock stars of passage, the Sanctum Soho Hotel is preparing to open its doors in London. Guided tour.

Among other excesses, the ransacking of hotel rooms by raging musicians is an integral part of rock history. With this in mind, the owner, Mark Fuller, already at the head of the famous London club the Embassy, ​​now offers an establishment specifically adapted to this particular clientele.

The Sanctum Soho Hotel team intends to respond naturally, without judging or asking questions, to the most surprising and offbeat requests from its guests, within the limits, of course, of legality.

Mark Fuller and says: "If they want their bathtub is filled with bourbon, we make no observation We just ask how many liters they want.."

Back in the middle of the night, tipsy, leather jacket on your back and a fan under each arm, the staff of a classic hotel will most often look at you askance. At the Sanctum Soho Hotel, despite your rock star excess, you will be treated with as much regard as a conventional guest.

In a decor mixing contemporary influences and baroque imagery, the Sanctum Soho Hotel offers all the services of a high-end boutique hotel: 30 rooms, restaurant, bar, private cinema and a landscaped roof garden offering an open-air spa. In addition to these standard services, it also offers little extras particularly suited to its guests like no other: 24-hour service, exceptional tolerance for disorder, a plethora of TV channels for adults, generous mirrors in front. beds ... Lily Allen, Ozzy Osbourne and the Mötley Crüe group have already made their requests known.

The hotel also warns quietly some possible overflows. Impossible here indeed throw his television down from his room, the bedroom windows do not open enough for that.

With rates ranging from £ 175 for the smallest room to £ 3500 for the most luxurious suite, the Sanctum Soho Hotel caters more to dedicated groups than to young emerging artists. Located at 20 Warwick Street in the Soho district, it will open on April 2, 2009.

To discover the video report broadcast on Sky News:

For more information, visit the website Sanctum Soho Hotel.

Source: Skynews

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