Designed by two artists from Detroit, "Power House" is an artistic and social project aimed at re-qualifying a neighborhood ravaged by the crisis by creating ecological and affordable housing.

On the outskirts of Detroit, a neighborhood drift, modest houses, abandoned, vandalized, leaving us collect all the violence of the current housing and economic crisis in the United States.

Faced with this alarming finding and tired of seeing this area is gradually destroying, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert his wife, Detroit artists, bought one of these houses with the ambition to make a green house and autonomously energy.

Enthusiastic, they invited friends and artists to join together to create a common project and transform these desolate places in a new neighborhood livable and sustainable. Optimistic and ambitious, they want to make an open living space, welcoming artists for temporary residences, create teaching gardens for neighborhood children.

In their current state, the goods are accessible at ridiculous prices, a consequence of the US housing crisis and damage committed. A couple and just to purchase a modest home for only $ 500 while another buys two steps to $ 100 all round ...

Thanks to the savings made on the purchase of goods, owners will be able to more easily invest in restoration work in accordance with current ecological and sustainable standards (e.g. use of solar panels and wind turbines supplying one or more houses, etc.).

On the ruins of the housing crisis and desolation, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert introduce an optimistic approach, about to give a second life to a broken neighborhood and its (new) people ... However, it may not help think of the old ...

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Discover video report on this project by ABC News.

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