A creative agency whose interior design is entirely made of cardboard. Guided tour of the Nothing studio founded in Amsterdam by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten.

Designed by Alrik Koudenburg et Joost van Bleiswijk, the workspace in question is surprising. Inspired by the name of the agency, Nothing ("nothing" in English), the ambition of the project was precisely to take advantage of nothing or almost to transform it into something ("Taking nothing and turning it into something ").

Thus all the elements that constitute the space, walls, panels, beams, tables, shelves and even a staircase, are made of cardboard. 

Light and renewable, management also has complete scalability, allowing users to replace certain items as required and cravings.

Virgins, as on standby, these cardboard elements will also serve as a medium of expression for visitors to the agency. The first guest, the illustrator Fyodor Sumkin was able to give life to the walls of the agency and mark their footprint.

Photo credits: Joachim Baan

To learn more about the creative agency Nothing, visit their website.

Source: Creative Review

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