Conceived by X-Architects in collaboration with Leen Vandaele, the "Houseboat" is a houseboat moored in the Dubai Marina. An original construction offering both a minimum and domestic architectural language refined and approval of a pleasure boat.

Made of steel and glass, this house of 220 m² floor space based on two catamaran hulls, original foundations which ensure a full stability on the water.

With 20 6,7 meters long meters wide, the Houseboat deploys its glass facades in the Dubai Marina, offering a wide panorama of the surroundings and the skyline of the city in perpetual mutation.

The upper deck has a discreetly located kitchen, a living room and a dining room. The lower deck offers him the bedrooms, a bathroom and the cockpit. 

The house also has a terrace, reached by a spiral staircase. The interior, while shades of white, is furnished with chic and contemporary way.

Photo credits: X-Architects

In a register less ostentatious, designed by the design studio Confused Direction, the "Schwimmhaus" is an ecological house boat. An alternative accommodation has a bright future at a time when the bottom icecap visibly. For more is right here.

Source: archdaily

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