The site 2020 Vision invites architects, designers, professionals and critics to present their views and thoughts on the future of architecture and the challenges ahead. Cross reflections of actors and observers from various backgrounds.

In text or video, big names, most unsung professionals or students are asked to answer the following questions:

- What will be the major challenge that will face the architecture and society in 2020 and what the relevance of architecture in the future?

- How will the architect he think and operate 2020 and what skills are needed him?

- Why do students and young practitioners they are best able to answer these questions?

New technologies, sustainable development, changing uses and needs, en crossing points of view, the Vision 2020 project appears as "a crystal ball", making it possible to sketch the contours of our world through the evolution of architecture and its practices.

Discover the contribution of Hani Rashid of architectural practice and research New York Asymptote:

[youtube] 4zdhXdnizTs [/ youtube]

Discover also that of Charles Renfro of the American architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro:

[youtube] -wYwmkwFK2Y [/ youtube]

To read the vision of the former director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) Aaron Betsky.

To learn more, visit Vision 2020.

And to participate and present your views, is right here.

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