How to take advantage of our gabled walls, vertical blind concrete that often punctuate our urban landscapes? From the Netherlands to Ukraine, discover two original solutions.

In Holland, the Arons & Gelauff Architects agency has just completed work on a student residence for the University of Enschede. 

One of the blind facades of this 9 floors building comes alive and takes the form of a climbing wall with 2500 taken, the second highest in Holland with its 30 meters high. 

But this unusual addition is not a simple eccentricity, climbing wall that fits into effect in context since the building adjacent sports fields on campus.

An original way to give life to gable walls often inert ...

Photo credits: Jeroen Musch

For more information, visit Eikongraphia.

Another original layout, noticed this time in Ukraine. In the city of Ivov, it is in fact a giant crossword puzzle that completely covers the gable wall of a residential building some thirty meters high. Playing with ambient light, the grid only reveals its secrets at nightfall. By day, the boxes seem blank, the letters appearing only in the dark.

The statement of the grid is thus available in different places and public spaces of the city, monuments, theaters, fountains and more. Walkers are invited to solve the puzzle during their crossing of the city before heading to the foot of the building in the evening to meet and discover together the solution.

For more information, visit English Russia.

sources: Eikongraphia et designboom

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