The Japanese company Muji sells its objects, furniture and clothing clean design around the world. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, two models of prefab houses now enrich the catalog of the brand.

Created in 1980, the Japanese company Muji offers simple and useful products, emphasizing the functionality and quality of materials with fashion effects. The absence of visible mark and their sleek style become the immediately recognizable claw of these basic and timeless objects. Muji is indeed the abbreviation of the Japanese "Mujirushi Ryohin" meaning "quality products without mark".

For Muji, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed two models of prefabricated houses. Marketed by the brand, these houses are characterized by a simple style, practicality and ingenuity faithful to the image of Muji products. Modest in size, they are made up of standardized elements and are customizable and available in multiple versions. Offered at a price of around 200 USD, they combine Japanese craftsmanship with the possibilities offered by industrial construction. Composed of a wooden structure in kit form, they are resistant to earthquakes. Their structure also makes them editable and extensible later.

The first of the two houses signed Kengo Kuma is the Window House. Its windows are numerous and their positions can be changed so as to favor the views and framing offered by the context of each building. It also includes many interior windows that allow visual communication between parts and a feeling of increased space.

The second house designed by Kengo Kuma for Muji is the Tree House. Already built multiple times and in as many different versions, it reveals all the customization potential of its concept. The Tree House takes advantage of solar radiation for heating the home. The materials used in its construction also promote energy saving.

To learn more about the Tree House, visit the Japanese site of Muji here et leaves.

Discover the site of Kengo Kuma.

Source: Yanko Design

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