In New Zealand, north of Auckland, just completed the construction of the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, an establishment built in a redwood and suspended 10 meters above ground.

The Yellow Pages New Zealand are conducting a communications campaign to show users that, regardless of their project, the Yellow Pages can help them achieve it. As part of this campaign, the New Zealand Yellow Pages and have ordered the construction of a restaurant supendu to 10 meters high in a redwood, all necessary services and products to the project having been found through the Yellow Pages.

Designed by architects Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett of the Pacific Environments Architects studio, this restaurant inspired by the treehouses of our childhood takes the form of a wooden cocoon 10 meters wide by 12 meters high, its floor lying 10 meters above the ground.

Accessible by a 60-meter-long pedestrian bridge, the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant offers 18 seats and a bar and offers a breathtaking view of the valley below.

For more photos of the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, visit Contemporist.

For more information, visit the website Yellow Treehouse Restaurant.

Also try the Studio Site Pacific Environments Architects.

Source: Contemporist

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