Faced with the scarcity of land resources, the Japanese exploit smaller vacant areas of their cities to erect buildings in a sometimes surreal finesse.

Forced between two buildings, built at the tip of an island or on a strip of land between two streets, these buildings or houses are surprising. Each residual space accommodates a building with dimensions and spaces reduced to the extreme. From Osaka to Tokyo via Hiroshima and Kyoto, discover this selection of constructions of remarkable finesse discovered on the blog Bouncing Red Ball:

Osaka, photography by Osaka M.Terada:

Osaka, photography by Osaka M.Terada:

Tokyo, photography by Gullevek:

Nagasaki, photography by Sergio in Nagasaki:

Discover more examples on Bouncing Red Ball.

And to find more examples of this type of architecture is here.

Source: Bouncing Red Ball

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