Developed by three researchers at the University of Toronto, "ILoveSketch" is an IT solution that allows creating 3D models from simple freehand sketches. An original, simple and intuitive that may well foreshadow the future of 3D modeling software.

While modeling and sketching as 3D Sketchup become over the versions more powerful and intuitive, three researchers from the Computer Science Department of the University of Toronto offer a resolutely innovative alternative.

With ILoveSketch, Bae Hyung-Seok, Ravin Balakrishnan and Karan Singh have designed a model creation process 3D capture the movements of the pen as used on a sheet of paper.

The draftsman thus sketches a simple two-dimensional sketch on a screen using a stylus, as he would do on his notebook. During this time, over the course of the drawing, the application is responsible for creating the corresponding 3D model.

A for Developers, designers and professional designers, ILoveSketch integrate many functions and drawing aids such as checking plotted curves and selection of surfaces. Other features are still under development.

A surprising solution to discover in this video demonstration:

[youtube] hSxCZE6PG50 [/ youtube]

For more information, visit the Dynamic Graphics Project Site of the University of Toronto.

Source: Dynamic Graphics Project

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