In "More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today", his latest book published by Princeton Architectural Press, Jennifer Siegal offers us a richly documented overview of contemporary mobile architectures.

A recurring and timeless line of thought for architects and designers, mobility, if it sometimes looks like a chestnut tree, nevertheless remains a crucial issue. On 144 pages, the author of this book presents the latest major projects and reflections in the field, light constructions, of modest size and portable or large and removable structures.

Tents of nomadic peoples to the legendary Airstream caravans passing through the giant stage structures Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams, Jennifer Siegal outlines a comprehensive overview, illustrated by 220 color illustrations, photographs or diagrams.

Among the work and contributions in this book include the Studio-Orta, Dre Wapenaar (to read about our recent article Treetents), Andrea Zittel Andrew Maynard Andreas Vogler Horden Cherry Lee Architects, N55, Atelier Bow-Wow, Mark Fisher Studio MMW LOT-EK and the Office of Mobile Design.

"More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today" is available at $ 24,95 rate.

For more information and to order this book, visit Princeton Architectural Press.

Source: designboom

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