sketching software 3 popular dimensions architects, SketchUp now has a plug-in energy simulation. With this free add, it is now possible to integrate environmental issues in the design of a project from the first sketches.

Known for its ease of use and its ability to offer a quick project made in a minimum of time, SketchUp is a software dedicated to the achievement of architectural sketches. To complete the initial software features, Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) Has launched a free plug-in to analyze the energy performance of an architectural project from its 3D model performed on SketchUp.

The plug-in d 'IES allows simulation data including many emissions of carbon dioxide, the estimation of natural light or air flow. With the results obtained, the architect will be able to size the window, position the parts, define the optimum orientation of the project, the best positioning of the frame on the plot or the most suitable materials for its construction.

Features of this type were yet available on more complex software such as Autodesk's Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. By integrating with SketchUpIES allows architects to integrate energy and environmental issues from the project outline.

See some of the IES models.

Download the plug-in for Google SketchUp IES.

Source: Inhabitat

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