On the airport Stockholm-Arlanda, a new cheap hotel soon propose to its customers a unique experience. Spend the night in one of the rooms in a Boeing 747 now grounded.

The Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios, already owner of a hotel in Uppsala, and is initiator of the project owner. In 2006 he learns that an old airplane stuck to the ground on Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is for sale. The Boeing-747 200 1976 made belonged to an airline that went bankrupt a few years ago. Oscar Dios then jumped at the chance and bought ... to transform it into a hotel.

After the dismantling of the original interior design, work begins: insulation, air conditioning, heating, painting and decorating. And now the plane abandoned transformed into an amazing low cost hotel 85 beds.

Le Jumbo Hostel includes 25 rooms with 3 bunk beds and shared shower and toilet. Located on the upper deck, some more comfortable rooms have their own shower and toilet, such as this suite in the cockpit with panoramic views of the airport. Flat screens, Wifi internet, coffee area, the Jumbo Hostel offers all the standard services of a classic budget hotel with a few extras, such as this spectacular pedestrian promenade on one of the wings of the plane.

The 28 August, Jumbo Hostel arrived at its final destination, placed on concrete foundations and secured at the entrance to Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. Just 10 minutes of check-in counters and spreading flight times on their televisions, it provides an ideal solution for travelers catching a flight at dawn.

For travelers in transit, families or businessmen, the Jumbo Hostel will welcome its first guests since December 2008. If it is a new experience, it should not stay single long as the owner is already planning to decline the concept at other airports.

For more information, discover the site Jumbo Hostel.

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Source: Random Good Stuff

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