In recent days, Twinity, a new virtual universe 3 dimensions is available online. Innovative, Twinity offers users evolve into an exact replica of the real world, its architecture, its infrastructure, its shops. First proposed by city developers: Berlin.

For its peculiarities, Twinity represents a notable evolution in the universe of virtual worlds and further blurs the boundaries between real and virtual. Indeed, if second Life, Major platform in the industry, offers the user to work in a virtual fantasy world Twinity revolutionizes the genre by prompting the user to discover a replica of the real world to move and interact in faithfully reproduced in cities 3 dimensions.

Launched on September 5 2008 in Beta by German company Metaversum, Twinity currently only offers a single city: Berlin. Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Hackescher Markt, the German capital is perfectly modeled, the most famous buildings are recognizable at first glance. Infrastructure, housing and existing businesses actually are also faithfully reproduced. 

This environment offers many possibilities to the user which can for example visit galleries, bars and clubs in the city, meet other users avatars, interact with them or go partying in their virtual apartment. The interactivity is thus pushed to the extreme, everyone can go shopping in virtual stores through an online purchasing system for controlling same objects "for real" and receive them at home. The signs are already rubbing their hands ...

Still in development, Twinity will be regularly updated, improved and supplemented by new content. Besides Berlin, users will be able to soon find out virtual replicas of Singapore, London and other major international cities.

[youtube] CidXHY6o_iU [/ youtube]

If he is still in test version, you can still use Twinity without waiting for its official launch. Just for it to log on, Create your account, download the client and create your profile.

Source: Twinity

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