Between chapel and garden shed, this mini cottage designed by Dorte Mandrup combines minimalism and fine detail. The borders of architecture and design, building and furniture merge.

Currently at the prototype stage, this summer cottage model is the work of Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup. Entirely made of wood, its light structure is simply placed on the ground, without anchoring, and will move just as easily. 

Inside and outside, wood, only. Behind a facade of lattice finely assembled, visitors discover a single space, almost monastic.

Minimalist but well thought out, sleek and stylish at the same time, this size XXXS cottage offers only 10 m², not one more. The comfort is there reduced to its simplest expression, some furniture and built-in storage, a Murphy bed, a large window offering views and a semi-overhead lighting.

Between deprivation and refinement, furniture and architecture, this model would be an ideal cottage extra room to put in a garden.

To learn more, visit the site of the architecture firm Dorte Mandrup.

Source: Below The Clouds

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