Developed by Procedural, CityEngine is a computer tool for the modeling of urban sites of very large and finely detailed. Commonly used in movies or in the video game industry, CityEngine is also needed in the field of archeology and architecture.

Company specializing in software modeling 3D of architecture and urban environments, Procedural developed CityEngineA powerful end modeling solution, originally, the project Rome Reborn, 3D simulation project of ancient Rome led by the University of Virginia.

Rome Reborn account no fewer than 200 precisely modeled buildings according to historical data and 7 000 secondary buildings modeled parametrically. Parametric modeling is just one of the features of CityEngine. This process is based on a grammar of predefined shapes, allowing the user to generate a multitude of complex and different constructions crossing these models and by varying the parameters. The 3D models are thus easier and faster to create while providing maximum detail and singularities.

Si CityEngine is mainly used for producing special effects and various simulations, especially for film, television, video games or in archeology, it is now increasingly used in the field of architecture. CityEngine finally makes the fine and detailed modeling of large-scale sites accessible. Buildings are no longer reduced to abstract volumes. They become more complex, details abound as far as the eye can see in 3D models that are increasingly extensive, realistic and quick to create.

Check out a CityEngine demonstration:

[youtube] G7wbP3I8Aeg [/ youtube]

Discover Pompei created a simulation with CityEngine: 

[youtube] necqGAYknIY [/ youtube]

See how parametric modeling:

[youtube] deSpf9EGcvw [/ youtube]

To know more, visit of Procedural et browse more demo videos.

sources: Hyperexperience et Procedural

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