In Britain, the budget hotel chain Travelodge has just taken delivery of a first settlement made from recycled containers. An experience that should be school.

It was at that Uxbridge Travelodge just saw the completion of the construction of its new hotel 120 rooms entirely designed from recycled transport containers. From 2 sizes, the 86 containers used were first equipped in China, with wall cladding, electrical and sanitary equipment, before being sent to the United Kingdom. Once delivered to the site, all that remained was to stack them, bolt them, make the final finishes and make a façade to transform everything into a building like any other.

Developed by Verbus Systems, this construction process combines simplicity, speed and economy. It reduces construction costs by 10% and construction time by 25%. It only takes 30 weeks to build a hotel with 100 rooms. Note that recycled containers are also recyclable since they can be dismantled and fully reused for subsequent construction.

Conquered, the group Travelodge is currently building a second hotel of the same type in Heathrow and plans to build half of its future facilities on this principle. 

sources: World Architecture News et SmartPlanet

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