A Japanese manufacturer offers a system of modular houses expanded polystyrene individual. Constructs igloo-shaped that seem taken from a science fiction movie retro but with which compliance is not lack of interest.

The Japanese company International Dome House has developed a modular process for the production of houses easy to assemble. Each of the structural modules consists of foamed high density 17,5 centimeters thick polystyrene. If this material can surprise or seem out of step with the times, its advantages are not fewer. Expanded polystyrene is in effect rot, stainless, immune to interference and provides high resistance to earthquakes and typhoons, important details in Japan. Its excellent thermal performance also allow to reduce the costs of heating and cooling. Treaty to increase its fire resistance, the material also emits no toxic fumes in case of fire.

These prefabricated modules do not over 80 kg each and weigh just fit into each other. Handling requiring only 2 or 3 people, the construction is thus assembled in a few hours. Therefore, it only remains to realize the finishing mortar and paint application.

The basic model measures 7,7 3,85 meters long meters high and offers surface 44,2 square meters. The modular system also allows to obtain constructions of larger size by adding additional modules. Versatile, these structures allow so, according to the manufacturer, the realization of homes but also hotels, restaurants, bars, cold rooms, saunas or farm.

Despite an aesthetic that may deem questionable or tacky, this constructive process is therefore not without assets and has also received approval from the Ministry of Land Transport and Japanese. Thus the village of Aso in Kyushu 480 uses of these buildings, offering its residents accommodation, leisure facilities and shops.

With a first prize of 30 000 USD per unit, excluding transport, installation and interior design, this solution may well inspire more than one and find its followers for permanent or ephemeral constructions.

Discover a video presentation:

[youtube] GHljTXBAwXU [/ youtube]

sources: Pink Tentacle et I-domehouse

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