The Dutch company Shapeways offers to create the real models of your projects from your 3D models. A service accessible online and at a lower cost ...

Dutch start-up, Shapeways is part of the Philips Electronics Incubator program. At its head, CEO Peter Weijmarshausen leads a team of 10 people.

For a real model of your latest creation 3D, the approach is simple. Simply load the site Shapeways your 3D file previously created with current software. The team then studies your project and submits a quote to you. After agreement, they only need 10 days to produce your prototype and ship it to you. The models are now made of plastic, to choose from 4 available types, but Shapeways plans to offer soon the metal ...

As rapid prototyping machines and 3D scanners are still very expensive, this Dutch start-up offers a cheap alternative to small businesses and freelancers working in 3D. This service allows you to create relatively complex objects, although still small in size, for an average price of between 50 and 150 USD. 

The site Shapeways also provides online CAD tools and supports popular 3D industry formats (STL, Collada, X3D). It will also eventually offer the possibility of sharing and creating objects in cooperation online. Advantageous prices, adjusted production times, endless possibilities, a cocktail that could well arouse the interest of many architects and designers ...

Discover the presentation video:

[youtube] TQoTro9WfbQ [/ youtube]

The site Shapeways is still in beta test, the user community is beginning to create before the official launch of the service.

sources: Techcrunch et Shapeways

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