From July 20 to October 20, 2008, the New York studio Contemporary Architecture Practice (CAP) is exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. With the installation "Migrating Formations", CAP sketches the contours of the wall of the future.

This modular structure of 2,92 2,31 m high and m long 24 cm thick has been designed and produced using the latest computer and robotic techniques. In this high-tech process follows a typical sensual and futuristic aesthetic style "blob" that allows POSTAL CODE to integrate all the functions of the wall in a single form. While offering a finished surface, their project indeed allows the space to be textured while providing structural functions. Its hollow and openwork design also has the advantage of channeling light while opacifying the space ...

For more information, the article on Cdnarchitect

sources: Frame et Contemporary Architecture Practice

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