Sustainable design, a requirement that today guides the approach of increasingly numerous eco-responsible architects. In addition to projects using the latest technological advancements like Masdar, Foster and Partners' first ultra-modern zero-emission city currently under construction in Abu Dhabi, some designers are taking a more humble, low-tech approach.

Beyond simple rehabilitation, they are going to revive the common, to scrap, what pollutes our environment and smoothly, which seems doomed to destruction or oblivion ... Component with unlikely materials or a priori unfit, they set up their project on the ruins of human activity.

Use old "mobile home" and the end of travel trailers to create a set of houses and smelling the radical situationist architecture ... Investing ruins of a pigsty rickety abandoned to turn it into a lovely cottage as realized in German FNP architeckten... 

If these steps may seem anecdotal, they are nonetheless important lessons ...

For other examples of projects, go to Weburbanist.

sources: designboom et Weburbanist

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