Equipement solaire gratuit

A graduate of HEC, a former banker and consultant in the energy field, Thierry Lepercq today is at the head of Sun Direct, the first French operator dedicated electricity with solar energy. Created in 2006, his company offers owners to equip their free roof and solar panels and produces energy it sells directly to EDF.

In return for the use of their roof, Solaire Direct pays the owners enough to cover their electricity costs and gives them additional income that can amount to 2 000 euros per year. A simple and effective business model that takes advantage of new skillfully legislation. Indeed, as in Germany, Denmark and Spain, EDF is now required to purchase the electricity drawn from renewable energy and to 4 times the official rate.

A simple and attractive offers

With 6 million euros raised in 2007, Solar Direct is giving itself the means to play spoilsport among its European competitors, Conergy, Ecostream et EDF Energies nouvelles. An area of ​​considerable exploitable roofs, favorable legislation, the success story of Solaire Direct seems committed ... The company offers indeed an offer key in hand to seduce many homeowners. She first takes care of everything paperwork for obtaining building permits, grants and various permissions. The company is also negotiating the loan in his name and guarantee its reimbursement from the fruit of the resale of energy to EDF. Finally Solaire Direct provides installation of technical equipment and maintenance. Attracted by such an offer, 100 owners are already equipped in the south, 700 others are pending and the company plans to eventually equip homes in the northern half of France.

Figures and outlook

Far from resting on its laurels, Thierry Lepercq led the development of his company on several fronts. The company is committed in a solar power plant construction program. The first, scheduled in the Var and located on agricultural land, not less than 22 000 include solar panels for production of 4 MWh. The construction of a factory of photovoltaic cells is also under way in South Africa, another in the south of France for the production of roofs with integrated solar panels. With 2 million in revenue in 2007, 45 450 expected this year and in three years Solaire Direct never ceases to seduce ...

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sources: Solaire Direct et Capital

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