Schwimmhaus, la maison flottante écologique

Designed by the design studio Confused Direction, the Schwimmhaus is an ecological house boat. An alternative accommodation has a bright future at a time when the bottom icecap visibly.

Alternative to the romantic houseboat with its aesthetic inspired by contemporary prefabricated housing solutions, the Schwimmhaus is designed to navigate or to remain moored to shore.

Designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann, German designers based in Oldenburg and founders of the Confused Direction agency, the Schwimmhaus consists of a wooden structure and covered with a green roof guaranteeing freshness and durability. 

Currently under construction, the Schwimmhaus expected to be completed next spring and could well inspire many architects and designers.

Even if its designers do not envisage for the moment any mass production, there is no doubt that the marketing of such a product would not fail to seduce. Between sedentary lifestyle and mobility, users would take up residence along the water, on the banks of a river or a canal, in the heart of the city or in the countryside. Note that in cities like Portland or Seattle, this alternative lifestyle is already particularly well developed. When one thinks of the climatic upheavals underway and the predicted rise in water levels, floating habitat could well become in a few years more than a fashion but a necessity ...

For more information, visit Schwimmhaus Boot.

For more information on the work Confused Direction, see also their website.

Source: Inhabitat

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