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dRMM the agency of the architects imagined the "Sliding House", a house provided with a second mobile skin, to cover or uncover the living spaces and outdoor spaces at leisure.

The "Sliding House" is the work of dRMM, architectural firm and design founded in London 1995.

Built in Suffolk, England, it is composed of 3 building body: a main house, an annex for guests and a garage. Aligned, these three built volumes create a continuous set.

But the particularity of this project is above all its second skin, this mobile structure combining wood and steel which covers the walls and the roof of the building. Sliding on recessed rails, it measures 28 meters in length and weighs 50 tonnes.

The envelope is hosted by 4 electric motors integrated in the wall thickness. Each engine has its own battery that can be recharged with a solar installation.

Depending on the position of the structure, the outside becomes inside, protected from rain and sun. The interior is discovered, the spaces are transformed and adapted, to the needs, desires, climate or the fancy of people.

For more information on the work of dRMM visit the website of the agency.

Source: dezeen

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