"Portraits from Above": la ville sur la ville

During 6 months, the Canadian architect Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham German photographer studied slums built at the tops of buildings Hong Kong. In Hamburg, the Kunsthaus hosts their exhibition "Portraits from Above" and present their sketches and photographs of study.

In South Africa, in Caracas or Mexico City, slums extend the outskirts of many cities, spanning the surrounding territories. In Hong Kong, where the living space is limited and vacant lots scarce, the poor have built their homes on the roofs of existing buildings from corrugated iron, a few pieces of wood and recycled materials .

Almost 1 500 4 000 homes or people live in these layered architectures, wild and improvised slum sauce penthouses.

The exhibition "Portraits from Above" will be presented at the Kunsthaus Hamburg from May 26 15 2009 July.

To learn more, visit the Kunsthaus Hamburg site.

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Source: Dailytonic