A+ Architecture : Maison de la Petite Enfance de Lodève

House Early Childhood Lodeve up operations in a retirement home park, a nearby project that values ​​the possibility of establishing intergenerational relations, and also to benefit from a green area directly located on the site . In designing the project, the architects wanted to create a "home" family atmosphere, adapted to the tastes and scale of the youngest.

A playful and childlike approach has oriented architectural choices. The declination of the theme of educational games for children invites them, shapes, colors are available on all scales of design, all the smallest details. These games animate the facades with playful windows that reflect the function of the equipment.

The building is organized around a lobby on one level with the square and overlooking the atrium to absorb the difference of 1m20 between the street and the park. The difference in level at this one place allows better control of inputs and get a bungalow for the rest of the establishment. The atrium spaces and activities are meeting places and exchange naturally bathed in natural light thanks to the high side openings on all four sides. A small amphitheater just integrate enjoying the altitude and activity rooms are arranged "randomly" in the volume.

Photographs: © Marie-Caroline Lucat

For more information, visit the website A + Architecture.

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  • It makes you want to learn indeed! This is both playful and aesthetic! :)
    I really like !

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