ArchiDesignClub Awards 2015 : Les projets de la Catégorie Bureaux & Commerces, réhabilitation et extension 3/3

As part of ArchiDesignClub 2015 Awards, please find every day competing projects in each category and vote for the most outstanding projects. Discover the selection of Muuuz magazine for the category Offices & Commercial, rehabilitation and extension and express yourself. Among the selected projects, discover Rossini by Studios Architecture Jean-Jacques ORY, ON 55 Hausmann Axel Schoenert architects, the Wacken Building by Architects and Restaurant CEA Saclay Olivier Delaittre Architecture.

Rossini, Paris - Studios Architecture Jean-Jacques Ory

3805-02-Studios-Jean-Jacques ORY-Atelier-Barres-Villevaux-Le-Rossini-paris-mixed-historic monument

The Rossini is a project of transformation of a joint office complex and shopping, dating from the revolution and partially included in the inventory of Historical Monuments. The office building now offers comfort benefits and energy savings (HEQ & BREEAM) quite comparable to the newer buildings. The large terrace "placed" on the cinema roof in the heart of island, on which open panoramic lifts and a large green wall, gives the site a quality of life rarely seen in the old Paris building.

ON 55 Hausmann, Paris - Axel Schoenert architects


ON 55 Hausmann is a complete restructuring of the project and compliance achieved by Axel Schoenert Architects agency. The project aimed to restructure workspaces declining natural light and transparency, to work the identity of all recomposing different areas: main entrance hall, office trays, courtyards, terraces and circulations ... All facade was renovated to give unity and harmony to the island.

Building Wacken, Strasbourg - Architects


The desire to focus all activities and staff of the MMA group in one place led him to rethink and renovate the operation, the atmosphere and all of the building built in 1981. The intervention on the facades has enhanced thermal insulation and re-building it into modernity. The renovation project was to recapture the spirit of origin, with some discreet contemporary touches, and bringing the most light. Facade hulls then bronze anodized aluminum were replaced by new shells which retain the same geometry, they are lacquered aluminum, more resistant to weathering. The lighter color, champagne, registered building in modernity.

Restaurant CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette - Olivier Delaittre Architecture

3805-05-Olivier-Delaittre Architecture-Restaurant-CEA-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette-adcawards-Daniel-Reel

Outside Paris, Saclay, stands the Center for Nuclear Studies in 1952 designed by architect Auguste Perret. More 60 years after its construction, it is the architect Olivier Delaittre which is responsible for rehabilitating the center of the restaurant, a rectilinear building with wide glass facades, punctuated by protruding concrete columns. In this building characterized by its simplicity, the simple lines and the accuracy of the proportions, the architects have worked to restore the essential components masked by successive developments has suffered the restaurant over the years. This a contemporary reinterpretation of the work of Perret, where the goal was to take advantage of the quality of the architecture of the place, its volumes, siding and natural light.


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