ArchiDesignClub Awards 2015 : Les projets de la Catégorie Habitat Collectif – Restructuration/Réhabilitation

As part of ArchiDesignClub 2015 Awards, please find every day competing projects in each category and vote for the most outstanding projects. Discover the selection of Muuuz magazine for Housing Collective - Restructuring / Rehabilitation and express yourself. In this category, find the Carousel of Montrouge Ædificare Architects, Au Bon Coin Atelier RAMDAM, Change of skin by the Bridge Workshop, Residence Winocq Chocqueel D'Houndt + Bajart Architects & Associates and finally the street Housing Michel Le Comte the Bridge Workshop.

Carousel Montrouge, Limoges - Ædificare Architects

3810-02-Ædificare-Architects-Limoges-Manege-Montrouge-housing-rehabilitation Jean-Francois Trémège

It is in a former riding school built in the second half of 19ème century, the agency Ædificare Architects implemented a program of housing 37 BBC / THPE. Maintaining peripheral walls in traditional masonry and brick lintels, the implantation of the apartment building is free of the dimensional characteristics of the ride that was not suitable for housing frames. Unstructured forms and material: zinc pigmento red glare (VMZINC) facilitate dialogue with the existing wall and brick moldings.

Au Bon Coin, Saint-Denis - RAMDAM Workshop

3810-03-Atelier-RAMDAM-adcawards-habitat-collective-restructuring-saint-denisau-right-corner Constantini

Au Bon Coin is a restructuring and expansion program which consists of 5 rental housing in a building from the last century, emblematic of the canal banks. The architects have worked to promote this heritage, together express the great current changes in the territory of Saint-Denis. The restructuring project is accompanied by a contemporary extension timber frame that develops at the back of the existing building. The two buildings maintain each other meaningful dialogue.

rue Michel Le Comte housing, Paris - Bridge Workshop

3810-06-Atelier du pont-Housing-Michel-Le-Comte-Paris-fen-Frederic Delangle

L'Atelier Du Pont was responsible for major restructuring, demolition and reconstruction occupied site of a set of 29 social housing and business premises. In addition to the planned rehabilitation program, the project continued with the reconstruction of a new building that fits in his time. The new volume is adorned with a succession of perforated vertical metal panels. A pattern is spreading like a mesh to give it a uniform status codes are edged with the neighborhood and bringing comfort to the user.

Residence Winocq Chocqueel, Tourcoing - On Houndt Bajart + associates architects &

3810-05-DHOUNDTBAJART-associated architects-Julien-Lanoo Winoc-Chocqueel-Tourcoing-housing

This project was to rehabilitate and transform a building housing a school in 19 collective dwellings, and create 3 new multiple units in a hollow tooth adjacent to the school. Architects have requalified smooth facade by working on the moldings already in historical architecture. This expanded metal facade created an architectural event by a play of shadows and lights, a facet of plastic composition in subtle shades of gray that mark the presence in the street of an ambitious housing creation operation.

Change of skin, square Vitruvius, Paris - Bridge Workshop

3810-04-Square-Vitruvius-housing-estate-Paris-Charonne-Atelier du Pont-luc-Boegly

Square Vitruvius is a property condominium built on slab at the site of the former village of Charonne. L'Atelier du Pont has made major rehabilitation occupied site of this highly degraded 56 building social housing. An intervention on the building envelope was conducted to give a strong identity to the building, create diversity, thinking of new uses and improve the energy performance of a building dated.


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