ArchiDesignClub Awards 2015 : Découvrez les lauréats !

The winners of the 2ème editing ArchiDesignClub Awards were announced Tuesday 3 March as part of a gala dinner at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Paris Opera. 25 projects were awarded after a large consultation organized with the Muuuz magazine that brings together the largest professional community in the field of architecture and design. More 26.000 votes were cast to describe the most remarkable achievements. Discover the winners of the 2015 edition!


Winner in the category Culture: The cultural center Quinconces, Le Mans (72) - Babin + Renaud

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-02-laureate-BabinRenaud Centre-cultural-Inconjunctions-Mans-home-theater-multiplex

This new multi-use building is part geometry from Le Mans city center and existing templates. It is as refined and accurate two volumes installed under one roof. Enveloped by a vertically striated glass curtain stands the municipal theater, while a little behind and covered with colored stone, is the visible part of the cinema multiplex. 

Winner of the category Culture / Restructuring-Rehabilitation: The Carreau du Temple, Paris (75) - Studio Milou

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-03 Carreau-laureate-Temple-Paris-studioMilou-architecture

Spurred on studioMilou architecture, the Carreau du Temple, iconic building in central Paris and metal architecture of the late nineteenth century a new look and offers a new youth. This ambitious project of rehabilitation and reveals the sublime original architecture. The facades have a streamlined procedure that favors the contribution of light inside while the interiors are treated in an almost urban composition. 

Winner of the Sports category: Sports center Jules Ladoumègue, Paris (75) - Dietmar Feichtinger

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-04-laureate-Dietmar Feichtinger-Architects-Stade Jules-Ladoumegue-Paris-tennis-football-rugby-Boureau-felber

In 19ème district of Paris, the agency Dietmar Feichtinger Architects sign the reconstruction of part of the stadium Jules Ladoumègue. A project that dovetails with the new site maintenance and storage - SMR - RATP. This set becomes representative of the new urban continuity between Paris and its suburbs. The concepts of space, urban integration, functionality, but also light, transparency and comfort of users have contributed to the project. It is built in harmony with the environment by favoring one form of sensuality, parameters related to the lightness, transparency. 

Winner in the category Health establishments: Awakening Beetle, Champcevrais (89) - Negroni Archivision


A Champcevrais, in Yonne, the agency Negroni Archivion book the reception center dedicated to autistic enlightenment Beetle. An architecture of a new genus, adapted volumetrically, sensory and visually hypersensitivity to its occupants. Everything about this project has been designed to facilitate and participate in therapeutic work. 

Winner in the category Hospitals: CHI - Emergency Plateau, Créteil (94) - Group 6

3832-2015-archidesignclub-awards-laureate-06 6-Group-CHI Plateau-emergency-Creteil-health-adcawards-hopital

Delivered by the Group-6 agency, the new central plateau of emergency Créteil Centre hospitalier intercommunal is as compact and light building that modernizes the heart of a cottage hospital. While respecting all existing buildings and the urban landscape, this new building consists of an arrangement of simple volumes, sparing views, depths, transparencies. In a game of changes of scale and effects of double height, it maintains dialogue and contrast with the existing buildings of CHI, red brick, claiming its uniqueness with its coating of white bricks. 

Winner of the Office & Commerce / New category: D2 Tower, Paris La Défense (92) - Architecture Workshop Anthony Béchu Tom Sheehan

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-07-laureate-Atelier-architecture-Anthony-Bechu-Tom Sheehan-tour-d2 ladefense-paris-office

The D2 Tower located in the district of La Defense is the first to present a exostructure. Designed by the architectural firm Anthony Béchu - Tom Sheehan, this tower has the double vocation to sew up the urban fabric and provide a refreshing modernity to its environment. Of its original architecture, the way was orchestrated its site in its design and methods, materials used, or how it will be inhabited and the contributions it has to its environment, the tower is a D2 testing ground for many innovative solutions of all types. Inside, the privileged user comfort in a contemporary decor. 

Winner of the Offices & Shops / Restructuring - Rehabilitation category: IN / OUT, Boulogne-Billancourt (92) - DTACC Architecture + Jouin Manku


In / Out is an ambitious project office campus of the company Foncière Lyonnaise. He settled on his site along the Seine, carried by an ambitious architectural project: the rehabilitation of an industrial site and the creation of a new pavilion. jointly by the DTACC firms and Jouin Manku agency, this project is divided into two distinct part. A project that cleverly mixes styles and eras, historic facades of 7 story building dialogue with the curves of the new pavilion clad with vertical wood slats that create more or less important variations according to their density. 

Winner of the Administrative category: Archives of Rhône, Lyon (69) - Gautier + Conquet Sequences / Dumetier Design

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-09-laureate-Archive-Rhone Lyon-Gautier Conquet-Dumetier-Sequence-stone-copper-glass

The Rhône departmental archives are the result of the work of the agencies Gautier + Conquet & associés and Dumetier Design / Séquence SCP d'Architecture. A project made of cubic volumes made with precious materials: stone, copper, glass. Perched on a stone plinth made of black granite equipment laid out in horizontal lees, the central volumes containing the archives are covered with a gilded metal, made up of sheets of aluminum alloy and copper stamped to give it texture. . A light material which contrasts here with the massiveness of the volumes. 

Winner of the Interior / Public & Tertiary category: Administrative Hall of City Hall Puteaux (92) - Axel Schoenert architects

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-10-laureate-Agency-Axel-Schoenert architects-restructuring-hotel-city-Puteaux-interior-public-tertiary

The partial restructuring of Puteaux City Hall is a project that extends from the main entrance to the hall and offices. The challenge was to feature the architectural style value of 1930 years building while giving new energy to their lobby. White acrylic resin, predominantly in the project is reflected in the presentation areas, the large reception desk, and on each side of this space will invite bubbles with glass walls welcome the wickets, with only a mesh structure white lacquered metal. 

Winner of the category Front: House Lorient Agglomeration (56) - Jean de Giacinto

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-11-laureate John Giacinto-Duncan-Lewis House-agglomeration-Lorient-peristyle-adcawards-Amoros

The architects Jean De Giacinto and Duncan Lewis have made the House of the Metropolitan City of Lorient. This monolith covered with a blue patchwork composed of wooden frames and colored glass. Game of solids and voids, the building becomes elevated with stilts that make up a wreath on the periphery of the building. It consists of steel columns of square section, placed every 3 meters, backed by a random series of posts. 

Winner of the category Collective Housing / 20 More Accommodation: Accommodations in Montreuil (93) - LA Architectures


This unusual project of the agency's Architures consists of two sets of 17 18 and intermediate housing. Installed on two parcels of Upper Montreuil, this operation seeks to offer another model home, a place that can generate social ties, sharing and exchange. Urban form of the hamlet that reveals a different architecture for each site while revolving around the same functional logic and a wood frame construction system adapted to the urban environment. 

Winner of the category Collective Housing / Under 20 Housing: Dense Density City, accommodation in Paris (75) - Fresh Architectures

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-13-laureate-Fresh-architectures-Dense-City-Density-housing-la-Villette, Paris

Dense City, Density, is an extensive project that includes housing on 16 6 levels 1 13 local shops and parking spaces in the basement. Located in a lively environment, the building reflects the life of the neighborhood through its faceted this dynamic geometry. Covered with glazed tile roof to the façade, the volume reveals the building envelope as a glittering and protective alcove. 

Winner in the category Mixed programs: Halle Pajol, Paris (75) - Jourda Architects

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-14-laureate-Agency-Jourda Architects-rehabilitation-Halle Pajol-adcawards-mixed-Paris-sncf

Led by the agency Jourda Architects, the project of rehabilitation of the Halle Pajol is a very ambitious project that had to deal with the diversity of the program and the rehabilitation of the Halle, part of the industrial heritage of the nineteenth century. In contrast to the market, the buildings are very pure volumes, rectangular, made of wood (walls and facades), placed on independent foundations from those of Halle, and "dragged" behind the support posts to cover sheds , independently. 

Winner of the category Collective Housing - Restructuring / Rehabilitation: rue Michel Le Comte housing, Paris (75) - Bridge Workshop

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-15-laureate-Atelier du pont-Housing-Michel-Le-Comte-Paris-fen-Frederic Delangle

L'Atelier Du Pont was responsible for major restructuring, demolition and reconstruction occupied site of a set of 29 social housing and business premises. In addition to the planned rehabilitation program, the project continued with the reconstruction of a new building that fits in his time. The new volume is adorned with a succession of perforated vertical metal panels. A pattern is spreading like a mesh to give it a uniform status codes are edged with the neighborhood and bringing comfort to the user. 

Winner in the category Individual Housing / New Construction: Holiday house, Sarzeau (56) - Workshop Raum

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-16-laureate-Raum-house-vacation-Morbihan Sarzeau-individual-nine-habitat

A Sarzeau in Brittany, the Nantes architects Atelier Raum imagined this small vacation home 69 m². A contemporary home nestled in the Brittany countryside contrasts with its taut lines and dark silhouette. With its sloping green roof and its structure is made of timber and stands in an orthogonal turn, revealing her black-painted façade. 

Winner in the category accommodation Detached - Restructuring / Extension: Mop'Heart, Bourg-la-Reine (92) - AHA - Alexandre Hordé

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-17-AHA-laureate Alexander Horde-Architects-Mop-Heart-rehabilitation-extension-town-queen-Daniel-Reel

Mop'Heart is a program of rehabilitation and extension of a private home in 3 collectives. An extension of the house with a high glass façade highlighting the stature of the existing building. Left blank, the silhouette of the house, is in direct contact with the outside. The new building is made of bone and wood siding, constructive way rather light, consistent with environmental concerns and creating a gap between the eras and styles in this project. 

Winner of the category Interior / Residential: Nuctale Studio, Paris (75) - Coudamy Architectures

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-18-laureate-Coudamy-Architectures-Benjamin-Boccas-studio-nuctale-paris-adcawards-interior Apartment

In the district of Butte aux Cailles in 13ème arrondissement of Paris, architect Paul Coudamy Nuctale designed the studio, a small housing 35 m² lit by a huge fixture 5 meters long and consists of 15 76 sources and triangles frosted acrylic. Nuctale takes its name from the contraction of Fractal Cloud and gives birth to this fixture to the tunes of geometric cloud. Modular, it is articulated through a set of hinges and 206 824 rivets. This imposing figure unfolds in this apartment which implements a minimum of space and matter. 

Winner in the category Nursery: Kindergarten School Pompignac (33) - Marc Ballay + eyearchitectures


This kindergarten project and Pompignac school restaurant fits into the context of a reorganization of management and traffic from the town center. An immaculate creation, which reveals her curves colorful and playful glass. The building covers a wide green roof on concrete containing natural skylights and closing south on a covered outdoor area. 

Winner of the category Primary and Secondary Education: College Gymnasium Jean Lurcat, Saint-Denis (93) - Mikou Design Studio


This college draft and gymnasium Jean Lurcat in Saint-Denis includes areas of general education, science and technology, catering, central kitchens, boarding, gym and staff quarters. Directed by Studio Mikou Design, the program consists of a series of pavilions in the park unified by planted patios, covered by a pleated and undulating metal roof. 

Winner in the category Higher Education and Training: Ecole Nationale Sup. Strasbourg Architecture (67) - Architect Marc Mimram

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-21-laureate-School-Marc Mimram-architect Julian-lanoo-Strasbourg-education-adcawards

The project for the new School of Architecture is a project that settles in the heart of the city. Moll building consists of three bodies superimposed buildings of two floors each. These three units by fragmented regulatory obligations, then form three superimposed structurally constructive units, as in a stable equilibrium, unified by a common envelope varies with the orientations of the movement of the lights. 

Winner of the category Interior / Hotels: The 5 Codet, Paris (75) - Jean-Philippe Nuel

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-22-laureate Jean-Philippe Nuel-the-five-codet-paris-hotel-adcawards-interior - Gilles Trillard

The Five Codet is a new luxury hotel in the 7ème arrondissement of Paris. The ambition of this project was to move away from hoteliers codes to offer a different experience for visitors. A qualitative approach to the use of noble materials and the choice of a high-end furniture give the place an atmosphere both residential and surprising. 

Winner of the category Interior / Restaurants & Bars: Dessance, dessert bar in Paris (75) - Joseph Grapple

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-23-laureate Joseph-Grapple-Dessance-restaurant-Paris

Dessance is a gourmet bar and dessert plate in the Marais in Paris. In this space divided on two levels and flooded with natural light, mezzanine hangs above a large open counter where customers can watch the chef at work. This eco-friendly response of the existing, architect Joseph Grapple favored crude and natural materials such as metal and wood. 

Winner of the category Interior / Shops-Stores: Barber, Marseille (13) - Margaux Keller + Bertrand Guillon

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-24-laureate-commerce-interior-Keller-Guillon-melone-Hairdresser-Terraces-Port Marseille lounge-provence

The Terrasses du Port in Marseille, the hairdresser The Hairdresser is a space where each element has been designed in order to fit perfectly when the hairstyle. furniture materials, the duo found inspiration in Marseille where the blue of the Mediterranean dialogue with the yellow sun, natural wood and tiles of Provence. 

Special Jury Prize: Pole Educational Molière, Les Mureaux - Akla architects

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015 26-laureate-price-special

The Molière pole is the symbol of the renewal of the city of Les Mureaux and is at the heart of the largest urban renewal project ANRU neighborhood of white vine. . The program 7 buildings are arranged like wooden boxes on the mineral base. The formal simplicity of each building reflects both the environmental and economic gains. Wealth is built vacuum arranged between volumes. 

Special Award Innovative Concept Constructive to Pop-Up House Multipod Studio

3832-archidesignclub-awards-2015-25-laureate-Multipod-Studio-Pop-Up-House-concept-energy prefabricated

Designed by the architectural studio and Multipod design, "Pop-Up House" is a concept of prefabricated housing, economic, recyclable and passive. A housing whose structure is composed of only the insulating blocks positioned on pads and assemblable in only 4 days. 

The winning projects were awarded prizes during the awards ceremony attended by more than 300 of the most creative architects.

The team wishes to thank the ArchiDesignClub architectural firms for their participation and confidence, the jury members for their expertise and all readers who by their votes made this second edition of the Awards ArchiDesignClub a success and a showcase for architectural creation in France.

See you in the coming months to the opening of registration for editing ArchiDesignClub Awards 2016.

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