Antonio Virga : Dior Homme

Dior Homme division is reunited on one site rue de Marignan in 8e arrondissement of Paris. A former commercial was rehabilitated in style and couture workshops offices. The operation was jointly designed by the architect Antonio Virga and Architecture Department of Dior.

The existing develops on six levels from the basement to the R + 4, with a main building facing the street of Marignan and wings turning on Bourdin impasse. A wood-frame house built against the party wall and located on the existing first floor terrace overlooking the impasse, was demolished to be replaced by an extension. Including through the passageway and canopy, the new extension gives traits and more current proportions in the terrace.

The extension including new public areas and a covered outdoor walkway is added to the building. She says a very contemporary style and is open to the terrace to revitalize the architectural style already present, without altering the existing facades. The intervention is accentuated by the elevation of the extension relative to the terrace and detachment of the existing wall. LEDs and a work on light reinforce the impression of an object placed in the heart of Paris, and the choice of materials confirms a contrast effect desired by the architect. Wood, glass and metal agree to establish a fairly timeless vision. The extension is framed by a black frame with vertical lines seem to pick up the pace of existing windows, while the diagonals on the canopy reminiscent of ancient Parisian windows.

The main entrance faces the street of Marignan and has been modified to create a visible call day and instead protected the night. The simple, contemporary materials used, come again strengthen the historical aspect of the place. Inside, only the ceiling, the logo and a digital display, animate a place with very clean lines. The furniture was chosen mainly consists of storage space and tries to blend into the inner landscape for clarity in the image of the premises. The lift shafts were stripped naked and now display their original forms recalling the history of the place. The curve of the stairs is enhanced by a black ribbon held in each stage evoking the new extension to the building.

Photographs: Olivier Helbert

The Dior Homme project won the Award ArchiDesignClub 2016 category Offices / Restructuring-Rehabilitation

For more information, visit the website Antonio Virga

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