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"Architecture has the power to transform the environment and create a quality of life"Such is the firm conviction of FORM Design Architecture. A leitmotiv that we find in the renovation of Flatiron House, a building in London's West End. Creating a majestic staircase in HI-MACS, which wrap themselves around the new features assigned to each floor made this disused building, an exceptional residence, modern and bright.

After successfully reorganized the Bermondsey Warehouse Loft, FORM Design Architecture has once again turned to HI-MACS for realized this new renovation project in the UK. The Flatiron House was an old disused building of offices and little functional metamorphosed into a house described as "Stairs with coins". The challenge was to convert this small building "Veillot"In an accommodation of high standard, modern and warm anchored in the city center. Mike Neale, architect and designer, has played a key role in this project.

This house takes its name from its triangular shape similar to an iron. This form predetermined arrangement with the creation of a main room in each of the five floors, an umbrella roof terrace (at the top). The Flatiron House now includes kitchen, dining room, 2 rooms and a functional basement, all wrapped around a central staircase that serves as the backbone of the house.
The interior of the house is characterized by its spacious rooms and modernity and brightness sensation that comes from the white walls and acrylic stone HI-MACS. "The ingenuity of the project is in the details, the intricacies of the layout and design of each level required considerable time for reflection in order to ensure that the potential of each piece is operated at its maximum and the vertical flow between spaces, is natural and fluid. Mission accomplished thanks to the custom staircase made of HI-MACS " said Mike Neale.

The ramp, made of acrylic stone HI-MACS in Alpine White color gives coherence and fluidity of movement at all. It rises like a ribbon that winds and unwinds from floor to floor with a breathtaking view of 14 meters from the glass roof to the basement. The three-dimensional effect of this "Triangular spiral" was achieved thanks to thermoformable material properties that can design all kinds of shapes without joins, creating a ramp carved in a single block. This element is the most singular of the project and gives the house its unique character and majestic.

Architect Mike Neale confirmed that the staircase was the key to the whole layout of the house "Given the triangular shape of the ground, the banister had to bow and rise with a very steep angle on the inside, followed by a tight curve. HI-MACS was one of the only materials able to take this form because it can be folded to obtain an acute angle. HI-MACS can assemble very small parts of the structure and finalize on site to create a continuous surface, where the dimensions of the site do not allow to work with a single block, as in this case ".

A modern and functional kitchen

After the stairs, the kitchen is one of the most attractive spaces in the house with its U-shape and clean, curved lines. There is a large worktop made of HI-MACS® acrylic stone with a hob and sink, complemented by large high cupboards to gain functionality, which blend in perfectly with the curved, modern and welcoming style of the House. Thanks to its extraordinary qualities, again HI-MACS® material was best suited to meet the requirements set in the design of the kitchen. The smooth and uniform appearance of acrylic stone allows for easy maintenance and guarantees high resistance to heat sources and regular use of household products.

Outside, the sad multifaceted showcase was replaced by a new curved window, double glazed, following the building of the curve. On the other side of the glass in the kitchen on the ground floor is perforated and curved screen, also made of HI-MACS Alpine White, allowing light to illuminate the kitchen / dining room, while respecting the privacy from the outside.

Relaxation areas

After climbing the stairs to the roof, you arrive on a terrace, a unique space of comfort and the outdoors, in the heart of the West End, the perfect place to enjoy the height of the house. Going down to the basement, the damp and drab arches under the street have been transformed into a functional space. The redevelopment of the basement has created a place of entertainment and relaxation thanks to the huge flat-screen TV and backlit racks for storing wine. The goal of FORM Design Architecture is to create living spaces that can be appreciated in a natural and instinctive way. Pleasant spaces, with a harmonious sense of simplicity, which create a positive and stimulating living environment. Once again, this is how this project can be defined thanks to an optimal management of space, of an apparent simplicity but hiding a real complexity.

About FORM Design Architecture

FORM design architecture is an architectural firm approved by the RIBA organization (Royal Institute of British Architects) with its head office in London SE1. The firm offers a full range of services ranging from the feasibility and analysis of the project, to project management, to design and interior design. Individual solutions are developed for customers which are obvious and simple on the surface, but which conceal real complexity. FORM Design Architecture provides an insightful, creative and viable response to the challenges of each project. Listening, analysis, discussion and clarification are at the heart of a comprehensive process which recognizes that some of the best ideas arise from communication between people and not from individuals alone.

Conception: FORM Design Architecture

architects: Malcom Crayton and Mike Neale

Reference material used: HI-MACS Alpine White

Photographs: Bruce Hemming

For more information, visit the website FORM Design Architecture and HI-MACS




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