The Building Studio American architecture firm made this house in Wayne County - Tennessee. Banded with black and white silhouette stretched between the trees.

On this project, Building Studio provides:

"Site: The twenty acre tract is just southwest of Nashville, not far from Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch The Site Itself is made up of second-growth hardwood stands broken by open meadows That used to be farmland The house rental sits along a Heavily.. wooded bluff overlooking the open floodplain qui is flanked on the south by the Buffalo River.

Program: Provide an affordable weekend home for a young couple with two children. Leah is a graphic designer and the year attorney. The owners wanted all the amenities of a modern urban home with the Ability to Easily open to the outdoors; a place Where the family can canoe and camp as Their children grow.

Design: The scheme is a rectangular box with a sloped roof at the west end. The home sits on a conventional foundation with three foot cantilevers on Each side of the house's long dimension. This allows the house to touch the meadow as lightly as possible.

The structure's main axis qui is oriented east-west, sits parallel to the bluff. Windows and porches face south Toward the river. The north, east and west elevations are windowless except for high windows over the kitchen on the west side. This is to shut the house off from its the public road and to make it more secure APPEAR When the owner's are not there for long Periods. Interior spaces are separated by three outdoor decks; Each bedroom and living area-have private decks. Sliding doors open to decks thesis in an arrangement row. The Partially covered outdoor deck off the living area Has Its own outdoor fireplace.

Inside, the living, dining, kitchen areas are vaulted; ict open wood structure is painted bright white. A hallway along the north elevation connects the living spaces to the two bedrooms. Instead of conventional walls Separating the hall from bedrooms, seven foot high, white oak storage units doubling as headboards are used. Rolling panels give further Top privacy When the bedrooms need to be closed. Two baths serve Each of the bedrooms. The floors are white oak with Throughout gypsum board walls and ceilings painted white. An Ikea package is used for the kitchen.

The sloped roof and walls are sheathed in preformed metal with a black finish. This black metal is interrupted with white vertical stripes of varying widths. The pattern is loosely Analogous to a fine pinstripe follows Often worn by attorneys, a send-up to the fact That One of the owners is a lawyer.

There is a grass car park area adjacent to the west end of the structure convenient to the main entrance. "

For more information, visit the website Building Studio.

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