COP21 : L'urbanisme agricole, une nouvelle fabrique territoriale ?

As part of the COP21, the Agricultural Urbanism Laboratory (LUA) organizes on Thursday, December 3 Bourget (93) a conference on the theme of urban agriculture. An innovative and rich in questions about the new models it produces.

Urban agriculture, a name that seems paradoxical at first glance, is actually a new territorial model possible against the climate change and the effects of increased urbanization. The meeting was proposed by the LUA in partnership with Sequano improvement, the Mayor of Romainville and the County Council Seine Saint-Denis. In a context of reformulation of the urban dominant model, it will identify key operational levers and to build sustainable future of our cities through the development of local agriculture.

From international experiences and specific contexts, many stakeholders - university professors from around the world, planners, architects, farmers, philosophers, etc. - Offer food for thought on new forms of metropolitan areas, denser, greener, fairer. Hybridization between town and country will be addressed through several possible solutions: the invention of "bio-regions", the model of hooky cities or urban campaigns.

The event will be held Thursday 3 December of 11h15 to 14h15 Space "Generations climate" Le Bourget (93). Registration is free, limited seating available. You can register here.

For more information, visit the website Agricultural Urbanism Laboratory