Atelier Zündel Cristea : Siège social de Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

In Suresnes, the workshop Zündel Cristea rehabilitates a modern building 1989 to host the headquarters of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs in a bright open volume on the Seine.

Located on a corner lot, the original building consisted surface 4300m2 on five levels in a post and beam superstructure reinforced concrete. The ground floor was spread on a triangular plan and then the volume was in a T-shape on three levels, finally a penthouse bar with smaller grip offered a wide terrace.

The rehabilitation of this fairly recent heritage was to renew the image of the building while preserving the original morphology. The volume was emptied in its thickness by a patio and atrium to create large trays of free and bright offices. generous circulation spaces have been designed, allowing the meeting, exchange, pause and facilitating accessibility to all parts of the program. Finally, the facade has been completely reinterpreted to provide thermal and acoustic performance while increasing transparency and the views of the landscape of the Seine. Energy optimization required a custom implementation to standard.

The entrance of the building is marked by a wide forecourt stairs in the corner of the plot. On vast open plateaus, different service Louis Dreyfus Armateurs are grouped spatially while being very flexible with movable partitions and false technical floors. Two types of spaces are arranged: the open spaces and offices closed glass, combined with room models, cafeteria, office of the committee and a place of multi-purpose training. the large central atrium walls are bordered by a monumental ramp that serves all floors, offering a perception of the organization of the program and opening to the sky a canopy. The patio allows to bring natural light into the lobby and involves the removal of the upper levels facing the English neighboring village.

The rounded corners are in motion facades and enhance the fluidity of the path within the building. The glazed double skin facade with natural ventilation makes cleaning from the inside. adjustable slats in the blinds are placed between two glass walls to provide sun protection.

Project title: Headquartered Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Place: Suresnes

Owner: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Mastery of work: Atelier Zundel Cristea

Area: 5 074 m2

Cost of works: 12,5 M €

Calendar: Delivery May 2015

Photographs: Sergio GRAZIA

The project is selected for ArchiDesignClub 2016 Awards in the category Offices / Nine

For more information, visit the website Atelier Zundel Cristea

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