Bertrand Guillon : Fietje

Bertrand Guillon book Marseille renovation and transformation into a local beer bar. Inside the straight and clean lines of contemporary geometry contrasting with a stone wall cleaned his coat and left rough.

The architect left a bare concrete floor. It allows the material to express itself. Other sections of walls are provided with a white plaster finish with marked angles. The color, a yellow and a purple, warms the atmosphere of the place. The bottom of an alcove, where a banquette has been introduced, is painted yellow. The furniture features chairs that seem to be mottled, with tables with lacquered steel strip legs. Their tray is composed of a thick piece of wood whose simplicity increases the conviviality of the place. Outside, the architect has placed the facade slightly behind, freeing up space occupied by a built-in bench that invites you to stroll on the terrace.

Photographs: Julien Kerdraon

The project is selected for ArchiDesignClub Awards in 2016 Category Interior / Cafés, Fooding

For more information, visit the website Bertrand Guillon