Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas : Mina Moralia

Faced with soaring prices of London real estate, architects Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas imagine a modular studio pop-up open to all creative, so that everyone has the opportunity to create, to experiment, to play or to dream.

"London Represented HAS always a hub for creative minds, goal Recently thesis financial Pressures turned-have 'creativity' into an industry That can only be joined by people Who are reliable AFFORD year to education and pay the rent without a fixed income work." Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas


Minima Moralia is a living unit designed to invest rooftops, backyards or interstitial space, public or private, that marks the city and waiting to be occupied. Factor exchanges and meetings, Minima Moralia is presented by its architects as a facility to serve a "social hope".


Minimalist, Minima Moralia consists of a skeleton and a metal roof, dressed in a translucent skin so as not to erect barriers between architecture and its environment. The structure thus has a large window and removable walls. The interior can adopt multiple configurations to meet the needs of its occupants. Shelves, shelves, desks and OSB, as well as lighting and curtains can be installed.


To learn more, visit the website Mina Moralia.

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