Aalto University Wood : A • Lava

At the initiative of about twenty students of the Aalto University Wood Program, the pavilion A • Lava Was installed in the courtyard of the Annantalo Art Center, in the heart of Helsinki (Finland). The temporary structure is intended to host various performances during the next five years.

The square, raised, raised wooden stage is surmounted by a smaller roof, which takes up the same form and rests on three corners, which determine the boundaries of the representation space. Walls and ceilings are entirely made of spruce-wood strips: light-colored walls consist of two layers of vertical slats, between which diagonals are sandwiched. The cross-laying of fibers, which acts both as a structure and as a cladding, creates more light on the ground. This umbrella is destined to receive the numerous numbers proposed by the artists of the center.

The whole was prefabricated upstream, in the workshop of the Wood program of the University of Aalto, then assembled on the spot. Each stage of the project has been described and put on line on a dedicated site, offering everyone the opportunity to follow the development of the architectural and cultural project.

A simple and effective realization dedicated to the creation and the representation that will be during 5 years the theater of numerous performances.

To learn more, visit The site of A • Lava 

Photographs: Phillip Tidwell

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