Arcgency : The Krane

A mysterious black parallelepiped sits above the port of Nordhavn in Copenhagen (Denmark). Fruit of the rehabilitation of containers, this volume positioned at the end of an old coal crane hides a house of 50 square meters. It is the work of the architecture agency specialized in this type of industrial diversion: Arcgency.

The atypical wooden monolith follows the lines of the crane which welcomes it and is decorated on the northern façade of an inclined bow window which offers an exceptional view of the Baltic Sea. Its appearance is minimalist and its anthracite coating refers to coal, the former area of ​​activity for which the crane was used.


Comprising a reception area on the ground floor, a meeting room on the first floor and a spa and a terrace on the last level, the structure is entirely clothed in black: both the wood lining floors and walls and the furniture on -measure in leather, stone or steel. If this color choice is inspired by the mining history of the site, it also intervenes in the perception of its tenants on the outside world. Indeed, by this process, the latter will feel enveloped, cut off from the world and live here "An immersive and multi-sensory experience" According to the architect in charge of the project, Mads Møller. The purpose of the place is not to go into ecstasies about its layout but on the marine views it offers and the sensations that flow from it.

"Water is probably 80% of the experiment Krane. [...] Along the coast, the light is very soft and diffuse. From the interior of the Krane, Even the storm is incredible. " Mads Møller, Project Manager

The design of this funny building is part of the plan to renovate the port, now equipped with new dwellings, offices, shops and green spaces, for optimal use of these old docks.

This book promises its occupants an understanding of the environment in which it is located in an unprecedented way, where each sensation will participate in a total immersion in the Danish tortured seascape.

To learn more, visit The site of Arcgency

Photographs: COAST studio

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