Événement : AGORA 2017

During four days, Bordeaux (33) lived at the rhythm of AGORA, Biennale of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, focusing this year on the theme of landscape. From the banks of the Garonne to the watersheds, passing by the Place de la Bourse, the sleeping beauty awoke to the sounds of lectures and the lights of the installations.

Although part of the programming was distributed throughout Bordeaux, the main exhibition conceived by the Belgian landscaper / architect / engineer, Bas Smets, stood in the imposing concrete building located in the central district of Chartrons. Hangar 14, called H14. After the themes "Metropolis millionaires" in 2010, "Heritage" in 2012 and "Public space" in 2014, the new edition of the event is organized around the subject of "Metropolitan landscapes". A breadcrumb that guides the barge in a scenography distributed on both levels.


The ground floor, intended to accommodate the various installations - from the explanatory stand to the multimedia spaces - reproduces, among other things, the topography of the city, while setting up urban, architectural or creative projects. Commissioner Bas Smets organizes these different elements on both sides of the layout of the Garonne reproduced on the ground of the H14. The various zones dedicated to films, stands, models and conferences are thus separated by this dummy stream and near 300 trees of local species.

Upstairs, there are two pentagonal structures that make up "Expanded Landscapes", the second part of the exhibition. One of them, entitled "Homo urbanus", features the work of videographers Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine discussing the influence of climate on the habits of citizens in different metropolitan areas - St. Petersburg, Naples, Bogota, Rabat and Seoul - while the second, called "Territorial Resistance", focuses on human interventions on nature and its role in the urban development of Singapore, Brussels, Hong Kong, Hyderabad and Bordeaux through a series of projections signed Christian Barani.

Added to this, numerous events taking place in the heart of Bordeaux - inauguration of the new promenade made by the landscape artist Michel Corajoud, artistic performances, ballets, projections of feature films, lights, etc. - and installations - including L'Observatoire du ciel by Pablo Reinoso - which have made it possible to familiarize passers-by with architectural, urban and artistic practices. A large number of places beyond the city center were also exploited, such as the underwater base, the World War II concreted heritage, which hosted the exhibition and the presentation of the Bas Carbonne Award. many festivals were held on the side of the Wine City of the agency XTU architects, delivered last year.

The result is a lively biennale, as exciting for professionals as for novices!

To learn more, visit the AGORA website

Photographs: DR Agora

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