Revue Pli : Numéro 03

Mixing graphics, publishing and architecture, the annual review Fold questions these disciplines through transverse themes. After dealing with hypertextuality in 2015 and formats in 2016, she comes back this time with a new subject: conflict. Back on a gazette like no other.

All dressed in green, 03 Fold stands out from its competitors by a strong visual identity present from the cover: a flat monochrome crossed by the name of the magazine where are indicated in lower part the date and the subject of this opus. So here we can read "conflict", a broad but essential term in the areas of planning and publishing, exposed to differing opinions.


Thought as a tool for reflection and research, the publication articulates texts, photographs and illustrations - always on an emerald background - with the aim of bringing together architecture, landscape and urbanism, and the professions of the book and the image, creating in this way a unique platform of expression for multiple creative domains.

The result of the meticulous work of 16 auteurs and 16 illustrators, the subject's treatment is organized around several ideas that bring together diverging theses embellished with images. The editorial leaves room for five chapters dealing with the main theme of this issue, the first three are separated from the two remaining by 15 pages of quotes from architectural or sociological essays. Thus, the first of these, "Traces and memories", questions the possible alliance between movements and marks left on a territory, physical or not; "Evolution of Forms and Thoughts" then questions the relationship between changes in editorial media and ways of thinking about a discipline; "Language and Learning" analyzes the intellectual and geopolitical tensions of conflicts; "Emancipation" deals with the reflection of frameworks and norms governing architecture, when finally "Mutation of trades" raises the question of conflicts in space and time.

An enticing program in which one sometimes gets lost by a multitude of information and points of view which, although exciting, sometimes conjugates with a certain lack of coherence, in particular visuals employees.

Yet, once again, Fold opens the field of possibilities.

To learn more, visit the site of Pli

Photographs: DR Fold

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