Loïc Picquet Atelier Architecture : SISM

Imagine a Fire and Rescue Center, while respecting a limited budget and a protected site. This was the goal given to the architect Loïc Picquet by the elected members of the General Council of Haut-Rhin for the creation of the SISM. Mission accomplished hands down!

Fruit of the work of architect Loïc Picquet, the new Metzeral Rescue and Fire Center is a model of sobriety - both in terms of volumes, materials and the management of energy resources -, dictated by a limited budget, but also by the location of the project. "The SISM is located in a protected natural area of ​​the Ballon des Vosges, in place of an old stone quarry"says the designer.

Divided into two separate entities, one in wood hosting the offices and the other in concrete housing the intervention vehicles, the realization is studied to have the lowest possible impact on its environment. Also, the administrative part, perched on concrete posts and visible from the road, is built of wood: openwork larch cladding to the structure left visible, simply completed by blocks left rough. As for the building dedicated to parking, mixed concrete-metal structure and located at the rear of the plot, it is covered with a metal cladding night color. A fast and efficient way to blend in with the landscape despite its imposing size.

The project also has undeniable energy qualities. It is also fully heated by a wood boiler, which "Reinforces simple construction arrangements - use of larch, presence of sun protection, etc. ndlr - and allows in addition a local supply », complete Loïc Picquet. The SISM, or proof by A + B that nothing beats simplicity.

Project title : SISM
City, Country: Metzeral (68)
Owner: SDIS du Haut-Rhin - General Council of Haut-Rhin
Mastery of work : Loïc Picquet Architecture Workshop
Area : 409 m2
Cost of works: 791 000 € HT
Calendar : January delivery 2017

Photographs: Pascal Amoyel

The project is selected for les ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in the Equipment category

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