Archi5 : CFA des métiers du bâtiment

"What does the bottle matter, provided you have drunkenness?", says a famous proverb. An adage denied by the designers of archi5, who have made every effort to create a training center for apprentices as pleasant to live as visually remarkable, proving that the form matters as much as the content.

If the Apprentice Training Center (CFA) of building trades of Brétigny-sur-Orge (91), delivered in September 2016, sports such a singular architecture, it is for a precise reason: "The valuation of its occupants"as explained by the archi5 team in charge of the project, adding that she wished "To make a building as efficient and humane as rational and generous".

In order to offer maximum spatial and visual comfort to the students, the construction is divided into several volumes spread over the entire plot, as a result of which the whole evokes more a campus than one and the same establishment. In the center of this small student village, a green garden allows users to be in constant contact with the outside world. A bold and smart choice, but it's not the only way archi5 can offer apprentices the space they deserve.

Alternating concrete constructions clad in facing bricks and metal buildings clad in bright annealed stainless steel cladding, the CFA thus displays a plural aesthetic - due as much to the constructive principles as to the materials used -, making it possible to condense the entire program. - including workshops, offices but also a large gymnasium and a refectory - all the while indicating the specificity of the education provided to its users. "The generosity we wanted to bring to the project through the quality of the spaces is also the expression of rationality; it is she who will make the building sustainable and useful "conclude the architects in this regard.

Project title : CFA building trades
City, Country: Brétigny-sur-Orge (91)
Owner: BTP-CFA Île-de-France
Mastery of work : archi5
Area : 8 171 m2
Cost of works: 11 000 000 € HT
Calendar : Delivery September 2016

Photographs: Sergio Grazia

The project is selected for les ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in the category Teaching - Superior

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site et d'archi5 

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  • Guest - TéTREL

    Beautiful architectural approach for building training

    à Paris, France
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