Antonin Ziegler Architectes : Chemin du Calvaire

In Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit (76), an old barn renovated by Antonin Ziegler challenges the traveler contemplating a picturesque wild landscape. Far from convention, this warm home takes advantage of a strong architectural heritage for a result as beautiful as destabilizing ...

Mysterious, almost disturbing, a large building rises a little away from the houses of the small village of Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit located between Le Havre and Rouen. Dominating the Seine whose mouth is located only a few kilometers away, it has the shape of a farm but presents the envelope of a metal vessel. Neither really one nor really the other, this strange volume is actually an old barn renovated by the architect Antonin Ziegler in house to contemporary aesthetics assumed for a couple-host family.

To meet the demand of its customers for the rehabilitation of the existing building and the installation of five bedrooms as well as a swimming pool, in addition to the usual living rooms, the designer chooses the structure of his project as the basis of his project. original wood - in relatively good condition. Stripped of its old woody envelope, this skeleton is covered with a mantle wall itself dressed with a second zinc skin; a choice to maintain the typical volume of the barn, while cultivating its singularity. Finally, pierced on both sides to install windows some of which suggest the frame, the realization looks like a giant lantern when the night comes, revealing a surprisingly warm interior.

Because here, everything is thought to enhance the cachet of the existing and take advantage of the sublime setting. Thus, the living-kitchen is oriented to the east, on the river where sometimes spend container ships that seem to slide on the grove. At the center are the technical rooms while in the west, the pool offers the inhabitants delicious moments of relaxation. Finally, the floor welcomes the four children's rooms, connected by a magnificent walkway, which provides views throughout the dwelling and allows the occupants to stay in permanent visual contact ...

Project title : Way of Calvary
City, Country: Our Lady of Bliquetuit (76)
Owner: private
Mastery of work : Antonin Ziegler Architects
Area : 216 m2
Cost of works: 262 000 € HT
Calendar : Delivery December 2016

Photographs: David Boureau

The project is winner of the ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in the category Housing - House

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site et of Antonin Ziegler Architects

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  • Guest - Droulers

    Poetic project! Very beautiful spaces.
    I'm voting for.

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