ELLENA+MEHL : Maison Parigots

Adding to a small house of 1920 years an extension of similar shape, but covered with burnt wood, it is a little alter-ego that architects Hervé Ellena and Stéphanie Mehl have designed. Back on a simple project but devilishly effective.

Located on a long plot, on the heights of Suresnes (92), near the Mont Valérien, this small villa 1920 years suffered from the presence of a second body attached, resulting from several disparate and disjointed interventions. Determined to give back their nobility to their home, the owners then appeal to architects Hervé Ellena and Stéphanie Mehl. Mission is entrusted to them to imagine a new coherent volume with the original pavilion instead of an old appendix.

"Our project is built in wood frame, in mirror of the main body of the existing pavilion, with a roof of the same slope and a similar pinion in frontage"explain the designers. It is therefore a volume twin to the house dating from the 1920 years that they realize, with two differences. The first is of volumetric order, because the extension advances to the portal side street, thus allowing to accommodate two additional rooms. The second relates to the dressing chosen, since if the plaster of the main body is simply bleached during the work, the second volume is lined with burnt wood, so as to "To accentuate the duality of the realization by the changing colors and tones".

Garden side finally, leanings and growths added in the past are preserved, but unified using a veranda. The back of the set is now much more harmonious, offering the passage a generous view of nature. And Maison Parigots finally has the logic and coherence that it deserved ...

Project title : House Parigots
City, Country: Suresnes (92)
Owner: private
Mastery of work : ELLENA + FLOUR
Area : 212 m2
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : 2018 delivery

Photographs: Hervé Ellena and Julie Ansiau

The project is selected for les ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in the category Housing - House

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