Atelier Krauss Architecture : Neaucité

In Saint-Denis (93), the architects of the Krauss workshop delivered in July 2017 a building of housing looking like a ship. Like a real boat, the realization offers different heights of bridge, thus giving bright views of the city.

How to build a residential building on a triangular plot, while maximizing its surface and without sacrificing light inputs? How, in doing so, enjoy as much as possible the presence of a large neighboring garden? How, finally, to make this project an emblem of the new neighborhood which it marks the entrance? It is to all these issues that Atelier Krauss Architecture was confronted for the design of Neaucité, in Saint-Denis, grouping 44 apartments.

To meet all these challenges, the project managers first worked on the volumetry of the building, "Whose height varies with successive terraces from R + 6 to R + 4 then R + 1"explain the designers. An effective way to clear views towards the Jardin de l'Avant-Scène, to the west, while optimizing solar gains. In the same perspective, the land is fully subdivided, with the exception of a large crossing void. Oriented along the north-south axis, the latter still allows to illuminate the building as a whole.

In order to create "A remarkable object"in the very words of the architects, they are working on the design of atypical facades. Thus, hanging gardens are installed at the level of the fault. Coupled with green roofs, they help make Neaucité an island of greenery necessarily remarkable for passersby. Finally, last but not least: the development of loggias in the "bow" of construction. "It's a strong signal, explain on this subject the prime contractors. In the evening the facade fades and the lights are illuminated ... " One would think then a ship lost in the night, just arrived from the Seine.

Project title : Neaucité
City, Country: Saint-Denis (93)
Owner: Quartus / Edelis Group, VEFA for I3F
Mastery of work : Atelier Krauss Architecture
Area : 2 930 m2
Cost of works: 4 500 000 € HT
Calendar : Delivery July 2017

Photographies : Frédéric Delangle

The project is selected for les ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in Housing category - Large collective

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site et of Atelier Krauss Architecture 

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